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About Us

Sister From Another Mister

We are Nikki & Allison, best friends, sisters, and young professionals trying to navigate life and stay healthy when doughnuts are everywhere (and delicious!). We are brand new to our current fitness journey (trust us, we have tried everything before)and have found our love of Beachbody Barre Blend! Not only can we do our workouts from home (yes, there are tons of these programs available-we still love this one most) but we actually get to solidify our friendship even more and feel better in our bodies along the way! Friends since 18, we have often been confused for sisters, and thus came the phrase “sister from another mister.” Through ups and downs (so many rollercoasters) we have been there for each other and now we plan to be here for YOU! Corny as it may sound, we always feel better knowing someone out there has struggled with their weight and feeling good in their bodies. And so we want you to know that we hope our struggles will make you feel better about YOU. We look forward to learning more about fitness and nutrition while (of course) enjoying mimosas and pancakes.

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