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Meet Nikki & Allison

Hello! We are Nikki & Allison, in our early 30’s and trying to navigate life as an adult while still trying to remain fun and lighthearted. We recently embarked on a health journey together, spurred by the pandemic and feeling terrible in our skin. We are hoping to keep ourselves motivated by blogging our journey and hopefully help inspire others along the way (we know…cliche).

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Meet Allison

Allison devotes herself to serving others and helping anyone she meets. She puts a smile on your face within ten-seconds of speaking with her! If you are ever in a bad mood, she is the cure. Adventurous, loving, open-hearted and brave, Allison is one of those friends that are once in a lifetime, and that you hold onto with all your heart!

Meet Nikki

Nikki enjoys traveling the world, making new friends and helping others grow in their life and passions. She is someone who will put her whole heart and soul into others and see the best in everyone. Caring, adventure-seeking, and loyal, Nikki is a friend you want on your side in the good times and the bad.


Sister From Another Mister

Nikki & Allison met in college, at the ripe age of 18! We were introduced through a boy Allison was dating at the time, and when their relationship ended, ours only grew stronger! We not only look similar (AKA the blonde locks) but hold similar life views and values! We have remained the best of friends, SISTERS!, for over 14 years and have recently embarked in a whole new fitness journey together. Having your sister by your side, biological or not, there is no better way than to find balance from the barre to the bar (yes, we get a HUGE kick out of this), We hope you enjoy following along with us as we figure out fitness, workouts, and nutrition all while enjoying our pizza and cocktails. ❤

Why Barreblend?

When we hit our 30s our bodies began to change in new ways. At the beginning of the year we both began to feel a bit smushy (anyone ever feel this way?!- No, Just us?!) and instead of giving up we decided to lean in and jumped right into Beachbody! We began the Barre Blend program on Beachbody On Demand, and fell absolutely in love with the program. Not only did we lose pounds and inches, but our mindset completely switched. It was, to be frank, a bit like a therapy session and a workout all in one pretty package!

Shakes & Cakes: Make the most out of life ❤

Cakes AND Shakes?!

Yes, the cakes in this point are all homemade-Pinterest wins!! But between those cakes are lots and lots of shakes. Milkshakes you ask? Almost! We have found that a chocolate Beachbody protein shake in a milkshake glass with whip cream and sprinkles really hits the spot! It’s all about balance and LOVING what you eat! Especially when you find a way to eat healthy that truly feels like a decadent treat! YUM! But don’t worry, we also love having a beautiful slice of cake every so often too, because, balance.


Did Somebody Say Food?

We follow a flexible nutrition plan, both slightly different but the same in their philosophy! We have done every diet plan you can think of (YES, we did Special K. Atkins, Jenny Craig, Slimfast, you name it, we tried it- YIKES!) and found that no matter how much we lost, we would always gain it back plus more. We decided we were no longer going to “diet” but learn to eat and love eating. Does this mean we eat cookies, YES, does this mean we eat three boxes of cookies? No, well I mean not ALL the time. We are learning to find balance between eating to feel great and “treat yourself.” So if you have every struggled with feeling great in your body, know you are NOT alone. Follow us and join us in this journey, because the more we all support each other the closer we will get to finding this balance!


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